Time to glow up and improve our daily skin care routine for a more fresh and radiant skin this 2018! Everyone wants a flawless, glowing, and healthy skin, but it takes time and patience to achieve this look. What are these beauty secrets that could help us achieve our skin goals?


  1. Know your skin type

Before starting a skin care routine, you must first know your skin type. Do you have a dry skin, oily skin, combination skin (dry and oily), sensitive skin, or normal skin (balanced, clear, and not sensitive)? You’ll then know how to properly treat your skin and know the products you should be using.


  1. Cleaning your face

Use oil cleanser to remove all trace of your makeup and dirt in your face. Massage your face gently and wash with lukewarm water. You can also use the water-based cleanser afterwards to remove the remaining residue.


  1. Exfoliate

Gently massage and scrub your face using your exfoliator to get rid of dead skin cells.

Note: Exfoliating SHOULD NOT be done every day, but rather AT LEAST twice a week.


  1. Toner

Apply your toner to dampen your skin, balance your pH levels, and hydrate your skin. It also removes remaining residues in your face. Tap a few drops to your cotton balls/pads or simply sprinkle into your hands and gently apply it to your entire face.


  1. Essence

Essences help moisturize the skin. It is made to hydrate your skin, which targets dull and uneven skin tones. It also helps to reduce wrinkles and fine lines. Apply by putting a dime size drop in your hands and pat in your entire face evenly.


  1. Serum / Ampoules

These serum, ampoules, and boosters help you target your main concern to your skin. You can customize the products you’ll be using in this step depending on your skin type. Gently tap them on your face and spread it evenly. Allow it to absorb on your face before moving to the next step.


  1. Sheet Masks

Depending on your skin type and your concerns, you have the option to choose which facial masks you can use. Just simply place them on your face and relax for a good 15-20 minutes. Tap the remaining essence left on your face after removing the mask sheet.

You can also try to use eye masks and lip masks to concentrate more on those areas.


  1. Moisturizer

Treat your eyes by applying eye cream. This helps reduce fine lines, puffiness, and dark circles around your eyes.  It also helps with hydration and protection. Gently tap the cream around the eye area (never rub them).

Hydration is the key to a glowing and healthy skin. Depending on your skin type, moisturizers come in different forms (gel, cream, lotion, emulsion). It helps keep the ingredients you’ve applied to your face and keep you moisturized. Gently massage it on your face until neck area.


  1. Sun Protection

If you’re doing this routine in the morning, never forget to apply sunscreen before going out! It protects your skin from UV rays and from possible skin problems.