K-pop has been popular these past years. Who would ever forget Wonder Girls’ “Nobody”, that became everyone’s song and was listed as the 43rd Greatest Girl Group Songs of All Time by Billboard. Psy’s “Gangnam Style” has dominated the charts internationally as well a few years ago, which became everyone’s favorite dance. And not just long ago, K-pop has conquered the world once again! BTS became the first ever K-Pop group to perform at the 2017 AMAs (American Music Awards) and with their incredible performance, everyone loved them and just couldn’t get enough of them. Even the people who never really gave K-Pop a chance before became a fan after their live performance.


As years go by, many legendary K-Pop groups has been disbanding, but many are debuting as well. This year, we have a load of amazing and talented K-Pop Groups and Artists aside from BTS we should watch out for. Who are these Top 10?


  1. EXO

Exo has been known to many already. They’ve debuted last 2012 and became successful since then. They are famous for their unique dance routine and powerful live performances, which gets better every time.

Exo, K-Pop Groups and Artists


  1. BlackPink

Debuting last 2016, BlackPink has garnered much attention to people with their hit debut tracks, “Whistle” and “Boombayah”.  They are versatile when it comes to their image, changing from sassy to sweet to sexy, all in a heartbeat.

BlackPink, K-Pop Groups and Artists


  1. DPR Live

DPR, stands for Dream Perfect Regime, is the stage name of rapper and singer Hong Da-bin, who debuted last 2017. He has collaborated with some of the best artists in K-Pop namely Dean, Crush, Jay Park, and Dumbfoundead. His new EP’s tracks, Her, are a mix of Hip-hop, Trip-hop, and RnB.

DPR, K-Pop Groups and Artists


  1. Wanna One

Debuting as a temporary K-Pop group from a survival show, Produce 101, Wanna One has stolen the hearts of South Korea, even on other countries too. They are considered as a power rookie, winning many awards in just a span of less than a year since their debut. 2018 will be their last year as an active group, so don’t miss out on them!

Wanna One, K-Pop Groups and Artists


  1. Loona

Loona hasn’t officially debuted as a whole group yet. They have a unique way of introducing their members. Each member gets to release a single and a music video, showcasing their own personality, talent and style. As of now, 9 out of 12 have debuted. It is expected that Loona will have their official debut as a group on the first half of 2018. They have landed on Worlds Album Chart and their single, “Crazy Sweet Love”, has also landed a spot in Billboard’s year-end list of best K-Pop songs.

Loona, K-Pop Groups and Artists


  1. Kard

Kard is a 2017 co-ed group, with 2 girl members and 2 boy members, that many people have grown to love. Though co-ed group is rare in K-Pop, many has fallen in love with their unique charms and talent. They already had a globan fan-base and a mini world tour in the span of one year since their debut.

Kard, K-Pop Groups and Artists


  1. Dreamcatcher

Dreamcatcher is not your typical girl group. They are known for their powerful dance moves, rocking the hip-hop, RnB, and EDM. Though they are not popular like any other K-Pop groups, with their talent, it is not impossible that they may steal the spotlight any time soon.

Dreamcatcher, K-Pop Groups and Artists


  1. The Rose

The Rose is a newly debut rock band in K-Pop. Their debut track, “Sorry”, has left a great impression to many. It landed a spot on Billboard’s year-end critics song list that considered them a new talent on the music scene.

The Rose, K-Pop Groups and Artists


  1. Day6

Day6 is a boy band that debuted last 2015. They are getting the attention that they deserve little by little and are still producing songs that will truly melt your heart. They have been landing on a great spot in music worldwide (charts (like iTunes, Billboard World Albums Chart, etc.), including #1 spot, with every comeback song they release. They are a boy band that is surely worth checking out!

Day6, K-Pop Groups and Artists


  1. Stray Kids

Stray Kids just officially debuted last December 2017 and they are already garnering so much attention worldwide! Their self-produced debut track, Hellevator, landed a spot on Billboard’s World Digital Song Sales chart last October and their pre-debut album, “Mixtape”, has topped the charts in iTunes, Spotify, and Youtube internationally as well.  They have showcased a promising rap, singing, and dancing skills.

Stray Kids, K-Pop Groups and Artists